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12|Nov KITZBÜHEL. The new photo book by Markus Mitterer.

A photographic tribute to the “Gamsstadt” and its people. KITZBÜHEL: The new photo book by Markus Mitterer is authentically local – you’ve never seen Kitzbühel like this before!


After the successful publishing of “WILDER KAISER” and “Die Kitzbüheler Alpen (The Kitzbühel Alps),” Markus Mitterer’s new, eagerly anticipated photo book “KITZBÜHEL” will be published on December 1, 2018.

After five years of work, the Kitzbühel photographer’s home-turf advantage has been fully exploited. “KITZBÜHEL” is the name of this photographic masterpiece, which offers very personal, refreshingly different and often surprising insights and outlooks across almost 300 large-format pages in addition to familiar motifs.

©Markus Mitterer – Photographer and author


He knows the most beautiful corners and areas

Above all, he knows the people who live in and shape the town. The resulting photographs guide the audience through the year, lending the legendary place of world renown an unmistakable face. This homage is a must for everyone who loves Kitzbühel or still wants to fall in love. 

©Markus Mitterer – one of Markus’ many favorite places


We are delighted to learn more about Markus Mitterer and his book project. Thank you Markus for taking the time to answer our questions

©Markus Mitterer – the cover of the Kitzbühel book


How did you come up with the idea to complete such an elaborate book project?

There are certain things you simply have to do. For me, this topic was and is a matter close to my heart – after all, it’s about my hometown. I’ve been observing and following book publications about Kitzbühel for quite some time now. The place is much more than the Hahnenkamm races, The Rich and Famous, overly inflated real estate prices, and all the well-kept clichés associated with them. From my photographic point of view, a real, uncompromisingly beautiful photo book has been missing to date. For me, this work is more than just a volume on photography. There’s a lot of heart and soul in it.

© MarkusMitterer – an unusual view of Kitzbühel’s city center

What were the biggest challenges compared to the previous books?

I can choose from a wealth of interesting and exciting topics, and because I am at home here, a lot more occurred to me from the outset. Another great challenge was that the almost 300 pages of the photo book remain varied, because of course the worthwhile motifs are at some point exhausted in such a small area. All the more crucial are the many human images that make the book colourful and loosen it up, and of course the seasons, which often cast certain motifs in a completely different light.

© Markus Mitterer – the “wooden Gams” caught with the camera


Which surprisingly different motifs and unusual perspectives can be found in the book?

Many – and that’s also one of the basic ideas. Spontaneously, I think of the city view from a construction crane, a glimpse into the Lebenberg cheese cellar, the oil pipeline in the Hahnenkamm tunnel, a run to victory on the Streif, the Schwarzsee lake from above… or the church photo through the Himmelloch during Christmas mass – that was particularly exciting.


© Markus Mitterer – a very special picture – was created on a New Year’s Eve evening


How did you choose the people for your portraits?

The selection of portraits had to be as colourful as possible and in the end it had to fit perfectly into the book’s concept, which is the year as it progresses. There are so many exciting life stories in Kitzbühel that it takes curiosity and countless conversations to learn about them – even before the actual photo shoot – so that people can be as relaxed as possible with my work.
At this point, I would really like to thank everyone for the trust they have placed in me – and for the many interpersonal experiences, the valuable encounters with the countryside and its people.

© Markus Mitterer – a beautiful winter picture


Finally, what is your favourite place in Kitzbühel?

This is difficult because there is no single favourite place for me – there are so many beautiful places. If I had to make a choice, then perhaps in spring the fruit-tree alley towards the Unterbrunn area, in summer the Seidlalmsee lake, in autumn the wild eastern part of Kitzbühel around the Karstein mountain, and in winter the Bichlalm area. Or to put it another way: the key is to gain elevation and look down.

Thank you very much Markus for this interview!


© Markus Mitterer – Personalities personally


Here are the facts & figures regarding the “KITZBÜHEL” photo book

Book size 30 x 30 cm, 288 pages, 227 photographs (colour), hardcover, straight spine, thread-stitching, book jacket (matt cellophane finish plus relief varnish), ISBN 978-3-9503886-6-4, price: EUR 55.00, Information and orders, also available in English. 

Short biography

Markus Mitterer, born in 1970, learned his profession as a photographer from scratch. After his apprenticeship and years of practical work in Germany, he passed his master’s examination in Innsbruck in 1996 and became self-employed in 1998. In addition to customer commissions, he is mainly interested in his home country. He has been designing calendars since 2002 and the photo books “WILDER KAISER” and “Die Kitzbüheler Alpen” (The Kitzbühel Alps) were published in 2006 and 2012 respectively. He also offers his photographs as large-format murals. Markus Mittererlives and works at his own studio in Kitzbühel.

© Markus Mitterer – also a favorite place of Markus Mitterer




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