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01|Oct Autumnal delights with Gault&Millau award-winning chef Andreas Lechner

The arrival of autumn also signals the start of the harvest season – nature’s fruits are harvested, cooked and reduced down, and above all, enjoyed.

Harvested produce is lovingly cooked by Gault&Millau award-winning chef Andreas Lechner. Born in Fieberbrunn, Austria, this chef loves autumn in particular. His heart beats a little faster at the thought of culinary delights and the wide variety of regional produce available to him.   


foto©Andreas Lechner – A nicely set table is just part of a good meal.


Cooking is fun!

Briefly introducing the Gault&Millau award-winning chef Andreas Lechner. Following his training at the Berghof hotel in Erpfendorf, Austria, Andi travelled both at home and abroad for several seasons. His interest in haute cuisine developed over time, as did his passion for local and regional produce. As Head Chef at KochArt, Andi is continually exchanging culinary ideas with his colleagues, and is also keen to establish a good working relationship with local producers.  

foto©Andreas Lechner – with his kitchen team


Food lovers live longer!

He has successfully run the Gasthof Schwarzer Adler inn in Jochberg, Austria, since 2014. To learn a bit more about cooking and enjoying autumn, we asked Andreas a few questions.

© Andreas Lechner – loves what he does


Andreas, autumn is a season when nature offers us an abundance of vegetables that can be reduced wonderfully. Which vegetables are particularly suited to being cooked down, and what tips can you give us?

That’s true, autumn provides us with a whole host of produce, including fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and venison – it is a very special time of year. My favourite vegetable is pumpkin: it’s amazing the different number of ways it can be prepared. I find that autumn is also when we can slow down a little and take our time. I’d recommend all amateur chefs turn their hands to “Holler Mandl” (reduced elderberries) or elderberry jam – it’s perfect for spicing up and refining game sauces. 


Wonderful autumn mood


Traditional dishes are currently bang on trend in local kitchens: which dishes have to appear on a menu?  

Mushroom and game dishes are a must. They offer a real taste sensation when combined with fruits. As an example, duck and fish are perfectly matched with sweet and sour pumpkin.  

Would you say that guests are prepared to pay more for good quality?

Yes, most definitely. Guests appreciate good local quality and are more than willing to pay for it. For me, it’s important that our local suppliers – particularly farmers – earn the respect they deserve.

© Andreas Lechner – Venison stew with red chutney and hazelnut noodles


Do you also have a favourite autumnal dish?

In autumn, my absolute favourite is venison with porcini mushrooms.

Can you share with our readers how to make a zingy pumpkin soup?

Asian pumpkin soup is the way forwards, and it’s really easy to make at home. Add curry powder, lemongrass, ginger and a little coconut milk – it warms you up from the inside out, too. 

© Andreas Lechner – a look into the dining room


We wish you a lot of enjoyment in autumn!


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