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13|Aug Focus on mountain guide Gopika: from the office to the mountain peaks that are her world

We explain why Gopika has abandoned her desk for ever and why being a mountain guide is her dream job.

From hobby to vocation, or from desk to mountain! 


We’d like to introduce our mountain guide, Gopika, to you. She was born in Kitzbühel and, a couple of years ago, managed to fulfil her life’s ambition when she joined us in 2016 to become an ardent “mountain enthusiast”, guiding our visitors. She hikes from Monday to Friday and adores her job. Sometimes she shouts aloud for sheer joy at the top of a mountain.

Over hill and dale, up and down, she has traversed all the hiking trails in the Kitzbühel Alps, previously for fun and now as a career. She took a big risk in switching from a secure, permanent job to don her hiking boots full time.


Gopika – for her pure relaxation….ohmmmmmm


Should I risk it?

“You can’t do that!” was the unanimous opinion of my family and friends. Swap a safe job for a hobby? But my mind was made up and I was guided by my heart. It was time for a complete career change. I resigned from my job and trained as a “Tirolean mountain guide”, which took nine months and was an amazing experience which took me to the most beautiful places in Tirol. I’ve never regretted it!

What a view?


The beauty of nature – never a dull moment 

The offer of a job as a mountain guide with Kitzbühel Tourismus came at just the right time. It’s a joy to be able to show visitors from all over the world my Kitzbühel. All the mountain lovers are relaxed and immediately on first-name terms because in the mountains everyone is equal. 

Sunrise at the Kitzbüheler Horn


What do I particularly love about my job?

Loads of things, such as the chocolate orchid, which is a protected species, known as “Brunnöei” in the local dialect. There’s even a chairlift with the same name on the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. This mountain flower has a wonderful vanilla scent, but you are not allowed to pick it. It’s always delightful, though, to come across one of these rare flowers.

The view – one more reason for my right decision!


It’s all so BEAUTIFUL! 

The Kitzbühel mountain panorama is always stunning, but there are things that are must-sees and dos for me, like sunrise during the Horn summit breakfast, or homemade cranberry pancakes on the Lämmerbühel Alm. Many people only have the opportunity to experience these when on holiday – I can enjoy them all summer long.

My favourite flower
Group photo with Gopika and her enthusiastic mountain teammates

The relaxing Yoga Hike to Schwarzsee lake is NEW to me. The platform with a view of the moor lake, surrounded by llamas and donkeys, is the perfect place to relax. Every Thursday is the highlight of my summer!   

New in summer – yoga walk to Schwarzsee


And the best thing is that when I look at the happy, relaxed faces of my group of visitors, I am absolutely certain that I have the best job in the world.

Kitzbühel Tourismus offers guided hiking tours, from Monday to Friday, for every type of hiker. There’s something for everyone, from novices to experienced hikers. Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel also offers guided hikes, from easy to challenging.  

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